Father’s day Gift Ideas


Father’s day is still 2 months away and yet we have already started talking about it. Is it too early to be talking about it? We think not. Especially if you want to plan or buy something special for your father, it will have to be done as soon as possible to make sure that you get the gift in time or the gift experience date is available.

Fathers are complicated. They don’t really want much, do they? If only they would send you a wishlist, things would be so much easier. It’s quite hard to figure out what Dad wants because sometimes Dad doesn’t really know that he wants something until he has bought it or experienced it. And he doesn’t do that too often because he would rather buy something for you first. So we’ll give you a range of both gifts and gift experiences to buy for Dad and we are sure you’ll know in your heart what Dad will love.




1. A Get-away weekend break


Dad’s been working pretty hard. What better way to get him to relax than to buy him an escape weekend break at a luxury 5* hotel? There are two types of hotel escape holidays you could buy for Dad.

If he loves history and opulent charm, you could easily get him a weekend break at a historical manor with large fields. Getting away to the countryside will provide the much needed break and fresh air he deserves.




If all he needs is a relaxing break in an urban environment, then there are lots of deals for weekend breaks at luxury hotels with spa packages that could be a great way to relax too.




These deals usually come as a deal for two, so this would be a great way to spend some time with Dad if you are up for it. Alternatively, you could always send off mum with him as well, because everyday is mother’s day.


2. Test-Drive Super Cars


One of the best ways for father and son to spend some quality time together is to take to the driving seat.

Buy a super car track day experience whereby you can each choose to drive 3 or 4 or even 5 supercars (either luxury cars such as Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Ferrari or cars featured in movies such as the Bumblebee Camaro ZL1 or Barricade Ford Mustang GT from Transformers).

Via high-octane laps, experience what it feels like to drive these mean machines at high speed. Quality father-son time.




3. Brewery Tour and Beer Tasting


If Dad loves Beer, why not take him to an award winning brewery and gain an insight into how beer is made, from the harvesting of raw materials through to the bottling and packaging of the final product? You could also take home a few beers at the end of your tour to continue the celebrations once you get home 🙂




4. Golf Day with a PGA Pro


Nothing will please Dad more than a golf lesson with a PGF Pro if he loves golf!

Buy a golf experience day for dad where he can learn to perfect his swing techniques and put into practice what he has learnt.

Alternatively, if you love golf and are thinking of a way to get Dad into playing golf with you, why not take a cheeky route and buy him this golf experience to get him started.




5. Horse Racing Day


Enjoy a day at the horse races with Dad. The spectacle of the horses and the jockeys, the bustle of betting activity and the thrill of the race, from the hush as the stalls fly open to the roar of the crowd in the final furlong. It will be an experience he won’t forget.

Alternatively, you can also buy horse riding lessons. Riding the horses through a forest trail would make for an unforgettable experience.




6. Jazz Lunch


For something more relaxed, you could take Dad to lunch with a backdrop of Jazz. If you could procure a Jazz afternoon with a live band, we think that would really make Dad’s day. This would give you ample time to catch up in a relaxed setting.

Alternatively, you could arrange for a Jazz lunch whilst on a river cruise, enjoying the food and music whilst taking in all the sights as well.




7. Wine Tasting


If Dad loves his wine, why not take him to a wine tasting tour/weekend break in France? Explore the vineyards and meet the wine makers as you learn more about the history of wine and how it is made. Take home a few wine souvenirs to share with friends and family too.




8. Book a Flying Lesson/Helicopter Sight-seeing tour


This may be an expensive experience but we feel Dad will really love it. If you know that Dad loves planes and has mentioned something about wanting to fly a plane, why not book him a 30 minute – 1 hour flying lesson with a flying instructor. It will be a thrilling experience – one he’ll never forget.

Alternatively, if you would like to accompany Dad on the experience, why not book a sight-seeing tour on a helicopter to relish a unique view of the landmarks where you live.




9. Dinner at a Michelin Star Restaurant


If Dad is a “foodie” and loves his food, why not treat him to some fine dining at a Michelin star restaurant? This will be a very unique experience for Dad and you could take the whole family so that you can celebrate father’s day together.




10. Afternoon Tea at a Luxury Hotel


Take Dad for a relaxed afternoon tea at a 5* luxury hotel and indulge in a traditional assortment of finger sandwiches, fresh scones and light, buttery tea pastries with tea ofcourse. This is a great way to catch up with Dad and you can make a family day of it and invite the rest of the family too.






If you would rather buy a gift that Dad can use and cherish forever, then here are a few novel gift options that we recommend.


1. Scratch the World Map


If Dad loves travelling, we feel that one of the coolest gifts you could get him is a scratch the world map. When Dad visits a new destination, all he needs to do is scratch the country on the world map with a coin to reveal the country underneath.

It will give him a quick preview of how much of the world he has seen and how much he still has to see. Dad works very hard and doesn’t take time off for himself? Well, this is a great way to remind him to take more time off and travel the world.




2. Personalised Cufflinks


If Dad likes wearing cufflinks, why not get him personalised cufflinks for father’s day? Luckily, we personalise cufflinks in our store. The personalisation of these cufflinks is possible via 3d printing and you can choose the material you would like them to be made in.


We have two types of personalised cufflinks in store:


Soho Initial Cufflinks


If you would like to keep the father’s day cufflinks simple, why not go for our custom initial cufflinks. You can choose your Dad’s first name initial for the left cufflink and his right name initial for the right cufflink. This is a gift he can wear and he’ll remember you everytime he wears his personalised cufflinks.




Charing Cross Word Cufflinks


Our Charing Cross cufflinks are a bit unsual. You can add any word to them as long as it is 4 characters long (otherwise the cufflink would be too long to look good). You could use a cheeky word like “Boss”, or you could continue a word from one cufflink to the other, which leaves a bit of a mystery.

As always, you can choose the material you would like the cufflinks to be made from.


3. Watch Winder


If Dad loves collecting watches, one of the coolest gifts you could get him is a watch winder! If some of his watches are automatic watches such as Rolex, Breitling, Panerai, Tag Heuer, then he’ll definitely need a watch winder.

Why not get him a classy watch winder in a casing of wood and leather with several compartments for all his watches? This will fit perfectly in his study amongst all his books. He’ll be quite proud to show it off too!




4. Montblanc Pen


Every one needs pens even in this day and age, especially Dad. He always needs a pen. Why not buy him a classy Montblanc Pen which will always remind him of you when he writes 🙂 If he is writing a book, this is the perfect gift for him.




5. Personalised Beaded Bracelet


Personalising something for Dad is one of the best father’s day gifts you could get him. If Dad is into fashion and wouldn’t mind experimenting with some personalised beaded bracelets, why not get him one of our custom initials bracelets?

You could always start him off on a black agate beaded bracelet to keep it simple, if he has never worn bracelets before.

You could add his initials to his beaded bracelet, alternatively, you could add one of his initials and one of your initials too. Or you could add initials of someone who means a lot to him such as your mum.




We hope the above gift experiences and gift ideas allow you to do something special for your Dad this father’s day 🙂 Remember at the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts.