5 style mistakes men make when wearing beaded bracelets


Wearing men’s beaded bracelets can be quite fun but they will only look good if done right. As men’s beaded bracelets are a relatively new trend and most men are still coming round to wearing these, it would be best to ensure you wear them in a way that looks classy.

Below we outline 5 mistakes that you could make when wearing your beaded bracelets that will throw your bracelet style out of the window and make your wrist look awful. Try to avoid these mistakes when styling your wrist with beaded bracelets.


1. Complement colours just right


There are a myriad of colours to choose from when it comes to men’s beaded bracelets. From black to blue to green, there is a large range of colours to pick from thanks to the natural stones that beads are made from.

If you are accessorising your wrist with black beaded bracelets, these are fairly easy to style and it is unlikely that you could go wrong in styling these. You may be interested in reading our blog post on why black is such a popular colour when it comes to men’s beaded bracelets. 

If, however, you are using colours to style your wrist look, make sure you complement them with your wardrobe. If you are wearing your beaded bracelets next to your wrist watch, make sure there is an element of matching between these two as well.




As you can see from the look above, this gent has matched his natural stone bracelet with his wardrobe, hence it blends in naturally with his look. The brown tiger eye stones match well with his brown suede shoes and compliment his beige sweater. Note how he has matched the blue jasper natural stone beads with his denim shirt and jeans.

The secret to wearing men’s bracelets flawlessly is to make them match with your wardrobe. Do this and you’ll have nailed your bracelet look. 

The reason men’s beaded bracelets may be remembered by some as bracelets to be worn as teenagers by the beach is that several years ago (and even now if you live by the beach), men used to wear brightly coloured bracelets that probably didn’t match with anything they were wearing. These bright colours were probably worn to blend in with the environment, blue skies, blue-green waters, white sands etc. Bright colours such as turquoise look great on the beach, but these will look inappropriate on a day to day basis unless they are matched with your wardrobe. It’s all about matching and complementing colours with your outfit.


2. Fitting is key


Make sure your beaded bracelet fits your wrist just right.

Too loose, and it will be reminiscent of wearing over-sized clothing.

Too tight, and it will look like you dug out a bracelet from your younger years and decided to style it. Plus, it will cut off your blood flow through your wrist. We don’t want that.

If you are buying stretchy beaded bracelets, usually, they come in sizes. Make sure you measure your wrist size and then buy the beaded bracelets.

Because of this size issue, we made our bracelets adjustable to fit several wrist sizes. Our beaded bracelets simply need to be opened, worn over the wrist, and the bracelet end strings pulled out in opposite directions to secure it on your wrist. This ensures that the bracelet is not too big/small and fits just right.



The problem with this style of fitting is that you may need someone to help you wear the bracelet. But that can only be a good thing, because you’ll bond a little bit more with whoever is helping you wear the bracelet 😉


3. Stack them well


A few years ago, we would have said keep stacking bracelets to a minimum. But stacking bracelets has become a bit of a trend.




We still insist that you should stack beaded bracelets only if they compliment each other. Mix and match bracelets of various sizes and styles to achieve a wrist look that’s just right.

If you want to stack bracelets on your wrist, then your wrist will look busy – that’s a given. But it does not mean that it won’t look good. It will look good if the matching is done right. The challenge is to make your wrist look busy but good. This will involve a bit of practice and you’ll have to spend some time figuring out how to mix and match your bracelet stacks.





We would advise that you stack bracelets over time. If you have never worn bracelets before, start off with one bracelet. As you go along, add smaller simpler versions of beaded bracelets. This will build your confidence in styling bracelets and you’ll become more creative over time.




If you would like to jump into stacking straight away, then it is worth spending some time understanding how others are stacking bracelets and copy their looks to create a busy wrist style that looks right.




4. Keep it classy, not trashy


Lately, we have noticed that there are several beaded bracelets out there with charms.

Some of these charms include lions, elephants, owls, skulls and even action figures such as batman, darth vader, superman, iron man and spartan helmets!! In our honest opinion, a lot of these charms look really tacky.

It is fine to wear a bracelet with an animal charm such as a lion as it signifies power, however, be careful to select a lion charm that has fine details…




but not a cheap look as below…



We are sure you can see the difference in the lion heads. Sometimes, it comes down to the price you are willing to pay for the quality of the bracelet.


If you really love animals and want to wear your love on your sleeve 😉 then yes, please go ahead and wear beaded bracelets with animal charms. But for a classy look, in our opinion, beaded bracelets with bead charms will look better. If you are wearing bracelets casually, you can wear your animal charm bracelets. If you are going to a dinner party/high-profile event, leave out the animal charm beaded bracelets.





Skull charms do look good. We approve of these. Just make sure the skull charms don’t look too “cartoonish” or don’t have poor detailing.

Here are some of our bracelets with high quality skull charms and fine details. These are made out of stainless steel and high grade zircon stones giving them that classy feel.







Secondly, wearing beaded bracelets with charms such as batman, darth vader, super man, iron man, spartan helmets… well, what can we say… We love action figures too but if you wear beaded bracelets with these style of charms, then your wrist look will resemble that of a boy’s wrist. Once again, if you really love these action figures and can’t wait to show everyone, then please go ahead and buy these. But they will not look classy.




5. Keep dangly charms to a minimum


A few beaded bracelets have also started featuring dangly charms. Some of these dangly charms are made more manly by engraving lion heads on them. However, if you ask us, beaded bracelets with charms look a bit inappropriate for men.

Exercise your judgement when buying bracelets with dangly charms. For example, this bracelet with the yin-yang dangly charm doesn’t look too bad but it would have been better with a yin-yang bead instead.

Also, the spartan bead bracelet is a no-no from us.




Keep the dangly charms on your beaded bracelets to a minimum to ensure that they don’t look too feminine.

We hope you enjoy wearing your beaded bracelets and hopefully as you avoid these 5 style mistakes men usually make with beaded bracelets, your wrist look will look more classy.

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