How to style men’s business wear this autumn/fall


The thing with summer is that it passes pretty quickly. Before you know it, the cold months are upon us and it is time to brave the cold. So how do you keep warm whilst at the same time remaining stylish?

We will post 3 different guides on men’s looks for autumn/fall based on the three different main attires – business wear, smart casual and casual wear.


How to style men’s business wear for autumn/fall


Today’s post is about our top picks for men’s business wear. Fall is usually a good time to style those unusual colours such as burgundy (which remind us of fall). Such colours are slightly dark/appear too rich to wear during summer and may be too bright for winter, when most men may opt to settle for darker colours such as navy blue, black etc.




1. Style with dark rich colours

There aren’t any concrete rules as to which colours to wear during the various seasons, however, it is nice to style up your wardrobe against the various seasons to play around with lots of colours in a fun way. Plus, more people are bound to notice your personal style!

2. Layer up

The best thing about the colder months is that you can seriously layer up. You could create a completely different look using a few pieces by alternating and creating various combinations with different layers.


Our top picks this autumn/fall




This, in our opinion, is the taste of autumn. It is a beautiful colour to wear during the autumn season reminding others of the autumn/fall colours. This is a fairly unusual colour which may be difficult to pull off, but this gent has styled this look seamlessly.

Note how he has made use of layers. This outfit is also great for the winter months. Take off the winter coat and you have a completely different look. Take off the sweater and you have a completely different look. Notice how adding layers can enhance the look in an unimaginable way. You just have to make sure that the layers match the overall outfit.




Another way to wear a suit in autumn and stay warm is to layer with a sweater. Wearing a simple sweater that matches your suit inside the blazer will keep you warm and will also look smart and stylish.

Be sure to insert your tie inside the sweater. The great thing about this look is that you can always take the sweater off once you’re indoors for that important meeting you need to go to.




Finally, our favourite way to wear a suit this fall and keep warm is to wear a three piece suit. In this case, you would not even need to wear a sweater. As long as you wear a suit made of heavy material such as wool, this will keep you warm.

A three piece suit is perfect for autumn because it can get too hot wearing it during summer and it would be too cold to wear just a three piece suit during winter. Ofcourse, you can always wear a coat in winter as well to keep warm.

A three piece suit defines class. However, it is fairly uncommon these days and it takes a bit of practice to pull it off. You could start with colours such as black, grey to begin with and then work your way up to colours such as the camel colour above which would be perfect for fall/autumn. Wearing tweed during winter will be warmer than wearing cotton suits so opt for different materials for your various suits for the various seasons.




How to style men’s business wear this autumn/fall

As the months get colder, it can be a challenge to wear suits. In summary, the best way to work around this is to wear layers. Whether you layer with sweaters, wear a three piece suit or a coat, that is entirely up to you and it is a great way to switch up your style.

Autumn is also a great season to wear those unusual colours such as burgundy, camel or olive green.

What will you be wearing this autumn/fall? Feel free to share your looks here.