Men’s Bracelets of the week 20/03/17


This week we have come across some beautiful bracelet designs for men. These include both beaded bracelets for men as well as men’s leather bracelets.

Here are our top 5 picks of men’s bracelets for this week:


1) Stainless steel bracelet stacks for men




If you are into stacking men’s bracelets, then the bracelet stack wrist style above would be perfect for you. This gent has gone for gold beaded bracelets and gold stopper macrame bracelets with black rhinestones to match his two-tone Rolex.

Using smaller beaded men’s bracelets alongside rhinestone stopper macrame bracelets ensures that this busy wrist does not look too busy. The beaded bracelets match each other well and do not over-shadow the watch.


2) Blue Leather Sting Ray Bracelets




We absolutely love this blue sting ray bracelet combination with the Blue Rolex Submariner. This style is great for those of you who are just beginning to wear men’s bracelets. The Blue bracelets match perfectly with the blue Rolex watch and the gold detail on the bracelets matches the two-tone gold Rolex watch as well.

The great thing about these sting ray bracelets is that the risk of the bracelets scratching the watch is minimal. The gold detail beads can simply be moved away from the watch.

The colour blue is also very masculine and cool and will look great with your wardrobe overall.


3) Black and Gold Square Bead Bracelet Combo




Black and Gold is a match made in heaven. We are sure you’ll agree with us. We love this men’s leather bracelet because is it slightly unusual with square beads rather than round beads which is usually the case.

Adding black leather detail to the beads makes them really stand out and the square beads have a macho feel to them.

The only downside is that the square beads could potentially increase the risk of scratching your watch. It is worth noting that the beads are covered in a macrame knotting which may reduce the risk, but the reason for using rounder beads is to reduce the risk of scratches. You could always wear this bracelet slightly away from the watch or on the other wrist.

Either way, we feel this black and gold combination bracelet with the watch is pretty cool.


4) Black and Gold Round Bead Combo




Similar to the style above, this watch and bracelet combination is all about black and gold. This men’s macrame beaded bracelet is pretty similar to the bracelet we just mentioned earlier except the beads are round rather than square.

The round beads also have leather or sting ray black detail on them which makes them look very classy. The center lion logo bead adds a great touch to the beaded bracelet.

This black and gold men’s beaded bracelet is styled perfectly with the gold Rolex with a black dial.

This men’s macrame bracelet may be a better choice if you do not want to worry about scratches to your watch. However, as the gold border on the beads is a metal border, you may still want to wear the bracelet slightly away from the watch to prevent any risk of scratches as the gent above has done.


5. Blue personalised men’s beaded bracelet




This is our very own personalised men’s bracelet with custom name initials. It is comprised of blue tiger eye stones which are our favourite too and are thought to be stones of focus, protection, calmness, honesty and truth.

We love how this gold personalised initials bracelet plate has been matched with the gold Rolex watch. The blue tiger eye beads match perfectly with both his shirt and jumper.

This name initials bracelet is very classy and a great conversation starter. To prevent any scratches to your watch from this bracelet, you can always fit it a few mm’s away from your watch.


We hope you enjoyed browsing our top 5 bracelet picks for this week. Until next time! 🙂