Men’s Bracelets of the week 28/06/17


Today’s post is about #wednesdaywisdom. Well, wisdom in the sense that we tell you about our favourite men’s bracelet picks this week and you can gain some wisdom on how to style your bracelets.

So without further ado, here are our top 5 picks in men’s bracelets this week (including men’s beaded bracelets, men’s leather bracelets and men’s exotic leather bracelets).


Men’s Red leather and Black leather bracelets



We absolutely love this black and red leather men’s bracelet combo. Red and black go well together and this gent has matched it well with his wardrobe. As the leather bracelets have been matched with the outfit, he doesn’t need to worry about matching it with his watch.


Men’s black beaded bracelet paired with a black leather bracelet




We are pretty sure this will be your favourite combo. Black is a favourite colour for everyone and this bracelets combination of men’s black beaded bracelets with men’s black leather bracelets will match with any outfit and any watch.


Men’s Black leather bracelet paired with men’s black stingray bracelet




As you can tell, this week, we are loving the colour black. We absolutely love this watch and men’s bracelet pairing. This simple exotic leather men’s black stingray bracelet works well with the Audemars piguet watch and matches the rest of the summer outfit as well. One of our favourite styles.


Men’s beaded bracelet stack




For those who love stacking bracelets, this brown, green and beige neutral colours men’s beaded bracelet stack is a great pairing. This stack is great for a casual street style look and perfect to match with your jeans/chinos.


Men’s black beaded macrame bracelet with gold skull



Of course this post would not be complete without one of our very own men’s beaded bracelets. This week we have picked our black agate men’s beaded bracelet with a gold skull as a favourite. This macrame bracelet has been a hit and would look great with your gold watch! This men’s beaded bracelet from our new collection is perfect for those who like something more masculine.


Men’s beaded and leather bracelets of the week


We hope you loved our top 5 picks of men’s bracelets this week. If you have come across any cool men’s bracelets this week or would like to share your bracelets with us, please feel free to post below!