Bracelets of the week 15/02/17


And we are back with our favourite post – bracelets of the week! 🙂

This week we have picked out four bracelets/bracelet combinations to wear with your watch which we are totally in love with. Let’s get right to it.


1. Red And Gold Beaded Combo Bracelets for Men




Given Valentine’s day has just gone, we thought it apt to choose this combination. Red and Gold is a perfect royal match and goes well with one’s outfit given it is paired right. You may wonder how on earth one could possibly match red to his wardrobe but notice how cleverly this gent has matched his bracelets with his sweater.

This gent has paired his red and gold beaded macrame bracelets with his Gold Daytona Rolex and red jumper/sweater. Notice the black rhinestone detail on the bracelets matches the the black rings and numbers on the watch too. All cleverly paired.


2.  Green Leather / Sting – ray Bracelet Combo




Green bracelets are fairly hard to style and it is one of those spring/summer colours. Luckily, this gent has a Green GMT Rolex that is perfect for the job. The green leather/sting-ray bracelet is lighter in colour but who says it has to match perfectly. The green leather bracelet complements his watch and shirt perfectly. This gent definitely seems to be on vacation!

We love the black detail in his bracelet that matches with the black detail on the watch too. With this stylish combination and a bugatti, one can’t possibly go wrong.


3. Brown Rhinestone Beads and Grey Hematite Beaded Men’s Bracelet




We love this dial. This bronze rolex is one of a kind and it needs a special bracelet to match it. This grey hematite grounding stone and black/brown rhinestone beaded bracelet has that subtle vibe to it that would match almost any colour and it does a great job with this brown watch. The black detail in the watch complements the bracelet too.

Did we say we love this watch? We simply love the bronze dial paired with the brown straps. All in all, this combination has been carried off very well and has class written all over it.


4. Gold and Black Stacked Bracelets Combination




If you are lucky enough to own a two-tone Rolex, then this is the combination for you. Wearing several bracelets on a wrist takes alot of practice and confidence but this gent seems to have nailed this.

The two gold and black macrame men’s bracelets match his two-tone Rolex watch effortlessly along with his Hermes belt, but what really caught our eye was how he added a green beaded bracelet in there and got away with it! We suppose it sort of matches his grey trousers, but not really! And yet, it still looks great! The small sized green beads are perfect for adding that colour detail and still creating a great look overall.


Hope you liked our four picks for this week and we’ll be back with another post on our favourite bracelets for men soon! Have a great rest of the week ahead.