What to wear to your Valentines date


Valentines day is just around the corner. You’ve got that special date planned but now it’s time to figure out what to wear (Let’s keep this “U” rated). Depending on the date you have planned, we have a few suggestions that will make you look at the top of your game.


  1. Dinner date at a bar/restaurant

The most common date for Valentine’s is usually at a nice bar/restaurant. Depending on how posh or up-scale the bar/restaurant is, you can dress up very smart with a suit or you can keep it smart-casual with a nice blazer and chinos combo.

The smart-casual look is so versatile and it is our favourite look. It will make you look classy and yet relaxed at the same time in a nice bar setting.

Here are a few colour combinations of the smart casual look you could adopt:


Grey Herringbone Blazer, Crisp White Shirt, Khaki Chinos and Dark Brown Suede Boots




The crisp white shirt paired with the grey blazer keeps the look clean. You can not go wrong with a white pocket square. Alternatively, you can pick a pocket square that has a complementary brown/khaki/beige palette that would match your chinos or boots.

You could easily switch the khaki chinos for a dark blue/navy chinos.


Brown Blazer, Dark Blue Shirt/Denim Shirt, Black Chinos and Black/Brown Boots




This combination would be great for a club/bar. The darker colours create a perfect vibe for that date night.


Pinstripe Navy suit with shirt, tie and pocket square




If you are going to an up-scale venue or you are a man that loves your suits, the look above would be great for that Valentine’s date and will definitely blow your lady away.

Go for a suit that is a darker colour and has a soft shine to it to give it that party/night out feel. Complementing it perfectly with the right coloured shirt, tie and pocket square will be flawless.


2. Dinner date at home

If you have planned a dinner date at home, it depends on how formal or casual you would like to keep it. Some prefer to keep it very casual eg as someone pointed out, they will be “chilling in their onesies”. However, we feel that it would be nice to put in some effort on this day since you will be planning a special meal.

Keep it clean and simple with a crisp white shirt, blue blazer and beige chinos. The idea is to keep it more casual than a dinner date/night out look.




3. Lunch Date/Date on the Yacht

Alternatively, if you are taking your Valentine out for lunch, you could make it extra casual by styling the navy blazer with a light blue shirt and white chinos.




For that yacht date, we love this ultra casual but smart look that your Valentine will definitely approve. Pulling this off might be a bit of a challenge but luckily no one else will be there to judge you but your love who loves you no matter what you wear anyway!

Combine this beige blazer with a denim shirt, white chinos and stylish wingtips/loafers for the perfect look for that voyage.

This look would be great if you are planning to fly your date away for the day too 😉




4. Day out



Perhaps you have got a day out planned for your Valentine such as taking her shopping or taking her to a festival/event.

Wearing a blazer with a t-shirt/jeans combination accompanied with brown boots could be a great combo. It will be very casual but at the same time will give off that CEO vibe.


So what have you got planned for your Valentine’s date and have you decided what you’ll be wearing? Do leave a comment below, we would love to hear from you!