How to style your brown tiger eye men’s beaded bracelets


Our brown tiger eye beaded bracelets for men are one of our best sellers. They are special on a whole other level. Their brown colour accompanied with the chatoyance tiger eye effect really makes them stand out.



Brown tiger eye stones are thought to be stones of protection and confidence. You can find out more about these qualities by clicking here: Brown Tiger Eye Stones




How to style brown tiger eye stone men’s beaded bracelets?


Styling brown tiger eye beaded bracelets for men shouldn’t be too hard. It is a very versatile earthy colour and can match most of your outfits.

Below, we will showcase some of the outfits you could style these tiger eye men’s bracelets with, however, as it is a brown colour, you can style these with other outfit colours such as white, black, green, yellow or even blue!


The Professional Look


If you are the kind of guy who likes to wear suits and look smart all day every day, there’s no reason why you can’t style your beaded bracelets with a suit. This gent has styled his brown tiger eye bracelets with his brown suit, but you can also style them with a black suit.




The suit below is more grey than brown but does feature a slight shade of brown in it and you can style your brown beaded bracelets with this colour as well.

The point is – match your brown beaded bracelets with a suit that picks a colour from a palette of brown.

Alternatively, if you wear a brown tie or brown shoes or a brown belt, your tiger eye beaded bracelets will complement your outfit.



For those currently in a colder climate, you can also style your tiger eye men’s bracelets with your overcoat.



The Smart – Casual Look


These men’s beaded bracelets are perfect for dressing up your smart-casual look. If you choose to wear a brown blazer such as this gent, you can style your brown tiger eye bracelets perfectly with this look.

Alternatively, you could also wear brown chinos and a navy blue/green/black blazer. Your beaded bracelets would match perfectly with that look if you do not have a brown blazer.



If you prefer to wear jeans in your smart casual look, you can style your men’s beaded bracelets with this look. This is perfect for a cooler climate.




Here is another smart casual look which you could style if you prefer to wear a jacket rather than a blazer.



The Casual Look


As the summer days are here, which are the best casual looks to go with your beaded bracelets?


This look is quite nice for those casual summer days that are cooler. The brown leather jacket adds a classy feel to this look and matches perfectly with the brown tiger eye beaded bracelets.



No summer is complete without shorts, so feel free to style your beaded bracelets with this look. The green shade of the tee is also perfect to match with the brown tiger eye beaded bracelets.

Note: You could change the colour of the shorts i.e. they could be black, but your tiger eye bracelet would still match with this look as the earthy colour of the green t-shirt would match the earthy palette of the tiger eye beaded bracelets.



You can still look classy even while wearing shorts if you are able to style your outfit as the gent below. Keep it simple with a white shirt and khakhis. Your brown beaded bracelets would really make this look stand out.




How to style your brown tiger eye beaded bracelets?


We hope our quick guide on how to style your brown tiger eye beaded men’s bracelets gave you some style inspiration on how to style these beaded bracelets. Feel free to comment below if you have a favourite style for your beaded bracelets!