The Healing Power of Natural Stones


For many years, natural stones have been believed to hold powerful, healing and transformative energies. The use of crystals and stones can be linked back to ancient civilisations, such as Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese, Indians and Shamans, who used these for healing and spiritual purposes.


As we are individuals, it is believed that our bodies respond to the energy within each stone differently. The natural stone’s role in releasing mental, physical and spiritual blockages works differently in each one of us. In line with this, the stones are believed to be linked to the 7 Chakras, which in traditional Indian beliefs are the 7 energy points within the human body. Each Chakra is important for the positive state and well being of an individual. It is believed that when a Chakra is blocked, it can lead to an imbalance in our well being, either through body or spirit. The precious natural stones are thought to be beneficial in bringing the body back into balance.




We have highlighted a few precious natural stones here for you that are used in our jewellery range and how they are related to the respective Chakra:


1. Agate


Agate is a stone of protection, strength and calmness because of its harmonising qualities.  It removes and releases resentments and bitterness and is considered a great stone for helping in healing and improving relationships. It is believed to strengthen the body and increase energy. It is linked to the root or base chakra helping you to feel grounded and secure. The root/base chakra are located at the base of the spine.




2. Blue Imperial Jasper


Blue Imperial Jasper forms in various shades of blue, often swirled with dark patches or veining. The stone has been linked with nobility of spirit and purpose and is used to help release negative feelings making you feel more optimistic. It is also used as an anti-stress stone for those who are responsible for others. It is believed that it has a connection to the spiritual world and is known for stimulating the throat chakra to balance the yin and yang energies.




3. Blue Tiger Eye


Blue Tiger eye, also known as Hawk’s eye,  is considered to be one of the most powerful natural stones known for its protective powers especially of the upper chakras, throat and third eye. It is a powerful stone known for increasing self-understanding. It is believed to provide the wearer with good luck and fortune and a steady flow of money.




4. Black Lava Beads


Black lava beads mix well with any natural stone beads and are considered to provide stability in times of change. Like the Black Agate bead, black lava stone is a good grounding stone and is considered to strengthen the connection to Mother Earth. It is connected to root or base chakra, and is believed to provide clarity and hope in times of difficulty.




5. Epidote


Epidote has a strong vibration and is considered a catalyst for change. It increases the energy in the material it touches and cleanses repressed emotions. It provides the courage to follow your dreams. The stone is seen to clear the emotional body aura and stimulates perception, participation and interaction. It has been linked to the heart chakra.




6. Gold Tiger Eye


Gold Tiger eye has been historically seen as a powerful talisman of protection against the ‘evil eye’. It is believed to have the properties that enhance integrity, willpower, self-confidence and practicality. It enables the correct use of power enhancing good luck and bringing prosperity. The gold tiger eye natural stone is linked to the solar plexus chakra.




7. Moonstone


Moonstone is believed to be linked to heart chakra and is worn to bring good emotions to the wearer and harmonise the mind, providing health and protection. Moonstone is believed to help to align the hormone production, metabolism and reproduction. It is also known to assist in promoting inspiration and bringing success in love and business matters.  It is believed that if you give your lover a moon stone when the moon is full you will always have a passion for each other!




8. Rainbow Hematite


Rainbow Hematite natural stones are known to have a vibration that is linked to aiding spiritual grounding and balance. It is said to boost self-esteem so that one mentally realises that he/she has the capability to accomplish their goals. Through grounding magnetic energy, rainbow hematite is thought to absorb negative vibes and transform them into positive ones. Hematite stones are thought to be linked to the root/base chakra.





So there we have an overview of our range of natural stones and the properties that they are believed to have. Our jewellery are all made from natural stones and depending on which positive elements you would like to add to your life, you could purchase one or mix and match various stone bracelets.


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Disclaimer: Please note that traditional, ceremonial and mythological gemstone lore is collected from various resources and does not represent our sole opinion. This information is not to replace the advice of your doctor. Should you have any medical conditions, please see a licensed medical practitioner. Ephori London does not guarantee any claims or statements of healing or astrological birthstone powers and cannot be held liable under any circumstances.