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3, 2, 1 … PARTY!


Only a few days left to Christmas and celebrations are already in full swing and with New Year just around the corner, this is the time to get dressed up and celebrate in style!  Now is the time to take it up a notch. We’ve chosen some choice pieces we feel would look great for […]

Red Letter Day Luxury Experiences to try out!


So Christmas is fast approaching and before you know it, it will be time to put on your Christmas paper crowns! Have you thought about your wish list for Christmas?  Well if you’re stuck,  here are some red letter day ideas you might like to look at! These ideas are pretty unique and will make for […]

Winter Sun for some fun!


As the weather gets colder and darker, we are all missing the summer sun and the warmth and light it brings. Looking for a winter sun? Then it’s time to jet off to some exotic destinations to top up the sun tan and get some well-deserved winter sun! We’ve got some fun destinations lined up where […]

Movember moustachioe’s!


Tis’ the month of November, the month of grey skies and cold frost but for the men, it’s also a month of fun (and health awareness). It’s time to ditch the razor and get moustachioed! Thirteen years ago, the term Movember was coined. Movember was a movement that was set up to raise awareness of […]

Halloween outfit ideas for the guy who’s left it too late!


Yup, it’s that time of the year when you finally realise it’s Halloween. Yes everyone’s been talking about it but suddenly it hits you – you haven’t prepared for that halloween party you have to go to! Not to worry, we have 5 inspirational ideas that should make you look spooky (sort of) and classy at the same […]

An introduction to Cigars…


Cigars have been around as early as the 10th Century, when they were discovered by Christopher Columbus on an expedition in the Caribbean, and he brought them back to Spain. The rest, as they say, is history. Today, cigar smoking is no longer for the seasoned smoker. Cigars now represent an air of character, class and […]

The tie is dead! Or is it??


The tie used to be a staple in mens fashion, however it’s no longer part of the daily wear. Cultural changes from the 1990’s and the relaxed environment in the tech industry where wearing a tie was too formal (and with casual Friday) meant that the tie was slowly dying. Even the high fashion elite have long abandoned […]

The Healing Power of Natural Stones


For many years, natural stones have been believed to hold powerful, healing and transformative energies. The use of crystals and stones can be linked back to ancient civilisations, such as Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese, Indians and Shamans, who used these for healing and spiritual purposes.   As we are individuals, it is believed that our bodies respond […]

Men’s bracelets of the Month – Sept 2016


Following on from our last post on top picks in men’s bracelets, we decided to make this a monthly post as it was quite popular. Styling wrists, especially with your luxury watches can really make you stand out from the crowd, hence it is good to know what the style influencers out there are wearing on […]